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In the Moon's Shadow, America Looks Up

6. That morning, we toyed with battling traffic and crowds to watch from
the famed St. Louis Arch, but with a 4-year-old niece in tow, we opted
instead for the closest wide-open space — the parking lot of a Schnucks
grocery store. Eclipse fever was real: Checkout cashiers were handing out
eclipse glasses!
— Becky Lang, Crestwood, MO

7. It was a sweltering day, but the sky was clear. Excitement filled the
air as we sat waiting for that magical moment. As the eclipse began, I
heard a kid shout, “It looks like Pac-Man!” Suddenly we were in twilight,
the cicadas chirping in confusion, gasps and cheers all around us. I
understand why people chase eclipses now. It’s an experience like no other.
— Alison Mackey, De Soto, MO

8. My dad and I traveled together to see our first total solar eclipse. We
were both blown away — pictures really cannot do it justice, from how the
quality of the daylight changes to the reactions of the crowd sharing the
experience with us.
— Alison Klesman, Red Bud, IL

9. I recall most vividly the jewel-bright ring in the sky where the sun had
been: science fiction come to life. For just over two minutes, the scale of
the cosmos was laid bare.
— Nathaniel Scharping, Shawnee National Forest, IL

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