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The Pace—and Problems—of Climate Change Accelerate

One of the mightiest El Niño patterns in memory brought unprecedented drought and flooding in 2016, the hottest year on record. The planet also passed a
grim milestone: an atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration of 400 parts per million, including remote Antarctica, which hasn’t seen that much CO2 for 4
million years. Climatologists target 350 ppm as the uppermost threshold before we see dire consequences, like catastrophic sea level rise. Some locations
previously had topped 400 ppm on a seasonal cycle, but scientists say this time it’s permanent — and global.

Climate Change Around the World

Slush Dogs

For the first time in the Iditarod’s 44-year history, organizers imported snow for the sled dog race via the Alaska Railroad, as winter and spring
temperatures climbed 9 degrees F above average, shattering a decades-old record.

Western Drought . . . Still

Hopes that El Niño would fill reservoirs crumbled when predicted precipitation didn’t reach the West. By summer, the Sierra Nevada snowpack — L.A.’s
lifeblood — was half of normal. New models show it won’t recover until 2019, even with a few winters of heavy snow.